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Tammy 2 years ago
Britney pisses me off she makes it hard on good descent gals like myself. my husband and I watch porn together I don't care much for anal. When my husband chose a video to watch it's always one of hers. I end up getting royally butt fucked and swallowing cum like crazy. for some reason her videos make him stay hard for a long time.
Frankie 2 years ago
Wow Britney you are one incredibly gorgeous and sexy as hell woman i'm jealous of you're husband lucky fucking guy i couldn't even began to tell you what i would love to do to you, keep up the incredible work (fun) you guys share with us love it take care
Wow 1 year ago
That pussy worn out
Nice 1 year ago
That looked like it tasted good
Hpv 1 year ago
Genital warts by that pussy
...Swallows 1 year ago
Is the definition of a National Treasure!!!
Steve 1 year ago
Cute face, great,dirty cock eating,cum drinking mouth,the very best,big nippled natural tittie's in the biz for years now! Her well used wet set has it all, meaty,fat flapped twat, spacious tain't, access to her cunt and shitter simultaneously, mouth, tongue,and nose all enjoying taste's, smells and sound's,and her seemingly tireless elastic stinkring, rectum,and pooptube,puckered, slimy and built for fucking,an assmans mecca, I've cum in her heiney (my left hand) a hundred times! Brittany...
1 year ago
Playing solitaire while getting butt fucked. Lol
Alan 1 year ago
Read a short magazine story during this video, wondering what was wrong with her Pussy...
8 months ago
I would NEVER pull-out of a pussy like that