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4 years ago
How is she deep throating this small ass dub lol
3 years ago
Nothing sexy here. Look at the nicotine stains on her fingers. I swear the dicks that are tagging and naming these videos need to be shot
3 years ago
I want a blowjob from her!
Ewwww 1 year ago
Bet they both smell like hotdogs water
4321 3 years ago
She's a walking advertisement that she swallows. Plumper with a tongue ring typical advertisement all my skills are between my ears minus her brain. Suck and swallow got to load up on the protein smoothie.
Ford guy 4 years ago
Nice sounding v8 brother
Fuckyouhoe 3 years ago
Used to be known as "emily big ass" only fuck crossdressing bf with baby dick, waste of time just gross seen better looking fat shores at truck stop.
JayMan 1 year ago
She wasn't very good. She cut it with her teeth and it's not huge so wtf...and can only go two inches down. Didn't switch shit up or use her hands. Sucked it too hard at the tip at times. This was painful to watch at times. Yikes! She was probably thinking "I wonder what is taking so long?"...well it's hard to cum when ur dick is being abused. Do better.
slats 1 year ago
I wonder if she was ever told that red swelling on his cock looks like genital herpes
Randall 3 years ago
I’d suck that dick