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Wet Undies Older y. Lesbian Scissoring

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Edwina 4 years ago
Lovely. I love a good panty trib. After school, my friend used to come over and we’d sit on the bed facing each other and kiss and rub our (covered) cunts together till we came. We were about thirteen or so. We kidded ourselves it was practising for when we got boyfriends. Over the next couple of years we started taking our tops and skirts off but never our panties. I think we thought as long as our cunts were covered, we weren’t really lesbians!
3 years ago
Why is everyone sharing their very underage JAV XXX
Areiaha 3 years ago
Who wants to fuck me
Yumi 3 years ago
I had a friend and we used to play "bfgf" we did this touching coochies with panties on for years starting at age 8 to 12 maybe.
This video reminds of how much i miss it very badly id love to do this.
Neil 4 years ago
Wow. 2 beautiful women in white cotton panties! Nice fantasy. Thank you
Allison things 2 years ago
I fucked my pillow because I want to I get horney
anonymous 6 months ago
this is a little embarrassing to admit but me and my cousin used to trib like this but we would cover our eyes when everybody would go to sleep we would go to a separate room and trib in our panties until we were both finished and we just kept switching places.i miss it so much. she remembers that we use to do stuff like that just as much as i do. & i wanna do it with her again this time with no clothes or nothing.
Unknown 2 years ago
I love these humping videos I actually cumed by watching this I think but I felt it omg it was so good mmmm~
Marcos 1 year ago
You are beautiful
Kim 11 months ago
3:31 it's Soo WET
Shows wet panties
It's Soo good. Omfg this got me soaking wet. Look how wet her panties was. Pussy was just throbbing on that teen