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20 year old chubby girl swallows cumshot out of a huge cock

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Ha! 6 years ago
Who the fuck called her chubby??? If that's classed as fat wherever they are... I'd hate to fuck the skinny ones... I'd probably break em while giving it one
Perfectly Proportioned 7 years ago
I would not call her chubby, I would however call her sweetheart. She is flat out sexy.
Moe 4 years ago
We need to see her get fucked.
Chris 6 years ago
WOW!, what a lucky guy. She's beautiful, very well built, swallows!, and I suspect does a multitude of other wonderful things in bed from ANAL to God knows what, and he's the lucky basted who is getting those gifts if he's playing his cards right. How about some more info sweetheart, like name, maybe what college, have you made any more gems for us to master bate over? Keep up the good work darling. You've got the goods and thensome! All our love, the fans...
NeedToTasteHer 6 years ago
She sucked and milked that dick real good. I wish it was mine. Made me cum twice
Chunkie 3 years ago
Superb tits. She has a great body. Great camera angle btw
3 years ago
She’s a keeper!
bun 7 years ago
hot. thank you baby :)
Great 3 years ago
Awesome tits. Great body. Swallow - is my kind of gal.
PTY 6 years ago
She is cute as hell and obviously has talents! Good girls like her are hard to find!