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Sperm Swap These two girls are swallowing three GIANT cum loads

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Wanda 4 years ago
My bf loves to fuck my ass while I suck cum from his brother's cock. After I swallow all his brother's cum he takes his turn unloading down my throat.
MrSkyfish 3 years ago
I hate the guy with the camera total idiotic moron
roger 6 years ago
Selena 6 years ago
Not good final. First sperm load was targeted well - 8 tight jets all to mouth in full. But she couldn't to spread it in mouth properly, choked and swallowed most part too early. Second load was not tight but more dense, and half was out of mouth, he even loaded some back by finger. Third was almost all out of target! - some was placed to other woman's tits, some on floor... And final snowball was too hasty - all at one spit, receiving woman lost some and swallowed w/o resolve... Weak...
anonymous 3 years ago
im sorry but who the fuck did their makup it looks like dry pussy
olaf 7 years ago
Olaf 6 years ago
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Elif su 7 years ago
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